Harmonica Students' Companion Book - Tips and Topics about learning the harmonica



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This is a precious book for every harmonica student, a journey through the most important topics that characterize the quality of learning.

I wish I had this book when I started to learn the harmonica. There are so many good books out there for harmonica enthusiasts; most of them focus on the practice side of the learning path, such as learning to play single notes, bending, applying effects like tremolo, vibrato, etc., as well as some presenting exercises and songs to learn. That’s fine, but every self-taught harmonica player and those who study in a school or with a teacher, need something more, sometimes they need to talk about specific topics that are not always covered in the classical books.

I did not want to replicate what is already available out there; instead, I aimed to produce a valuable guide to help you learn better, covering topics that will be useful not only to those who play the harmonica but to anyone learning a discipline that requires time and commitment.

Imagine you have a harmonica master that gives you suggestions to learn easier, faster and discover things about the world of learning that you can’t even imagine. This is the purpose of this book, the result of my experience as a student (I started studying music at the age of eight) and as a teacher (I teach harmonica, guitar, and music theory since 2015).

This book is perfect for reading at night before bed, and any topic can be a pleasant discovery that will make you think: “Tomorrow, I will be a better student.”

But there is more! This guide also contains three songs of a different level to make you learn and enjoy using my teaching methodology, which I adopt in all my online harmonica school courses. Not only an interesting reading then, but also something practical!

No matter what type of student you are and your current skills, this guide will help you move to the next level.


  • More than 30 topics about the harmonica learning journey.
  • Discussions about harmonica gear and articles to help you get the sound you want.
  • Learn about what to study and how to practice.
  • Learn which are the most frequent students’ traps and how to avoid them
  • Valuable tips for all students.
  • Practice the harmonica with three songs:
  • 1 Beginner blues song
  • 1 Intermediate blues song
  • 1 Advanced rock song.
  • Each song comes with Play-Along videos with on-screen tabs, backing track videos, and slow version videos.

All the songs require a C harmonica.

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Harmonica Students' Companion Book - Tips and Topics about learning the harmonica

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