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This course is dedicated to beginner harmonica players who want to improve their playing ability with fun and at the same time build a musical repertoire.

Learning songs of progressive difficulty is a great way to study a musical instrument, and I have created these 12 tunes to allow the student to practice several essential techniques in a fun and profitable way. You’ll start with the simplest elements like playing single and long notes, then learn to perform faster sequences, hole jumps, double notes, and dynamic effects such as tremolo.

By studying the tracks you’ll find in each section, you will also learn to apply techniques such as the warble, shake, and tongue flutter. Of course, you will also learn to play chords and combine them with melodies. Students who manage to play some notes with bending will also be able to practice these notes in the last sections.

Following this course, you’ll play in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th position. Not bad for a beginner learning course, right? Concerning the music styles, you’ll find songs in the genres of blues, country, bluegrass, swing, rock, and many others. All these styles will give you some specific playing skill in terms of rhythm and phrasing and will help to enrich your musical vocabulary.

For each song, you will find an explanation with the analysis of every chorus and the techniques it contains. To facilitate your studies, you can practice each chorus separately as well as the whole song, both with me and on the backing track. Of course, you will get the tablature and can download the documents and audio files from each lesson. Slow versions of the songs and the backing tracks will also be available to you.

So what are you waiting for? Learn to play the harmonica and build a great musical repertoire today!

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Lesson transcriptions, tabs with notes and harmonica holes, Access to Play-Along videos with on-screen tabs, Backing track videos, Pay once and get lifetime access.

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Beginner – Learn Harmonica with 12 Songs

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