Beginner - Complete Diatonic Harmonica Course - Module 3 of 6




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Welcome to Harmonica School, 'Diatonic Harmonica' - A Course for Beginners.

This course targets all those who have never played the harmonica or have occasionally practiced on their own without following a progressive or structured learning plan. These harmonica lessons have been designed on the firm basis of my experience - spanning several years - both as a student and as a teacher.

This course is compiled in the form of monthly sections, where every section is further divided into several units and each unit, in turn, comprises week-long lessons, along with their discrete exercises and study oriented songs.

In the perspective of its practice; some notions, concerning music theory, will be explained soon in a clear and straightforward way.

Though you are not restricted to study each lesson during its suggested week time, anyhow taking the lessons without altering their sequence is mandatory so as to make sure that you don't miss out on any important idealogy as well as to further ensure a well-paced and steady progression.

Feel free to study as per your own convenience but remember, you will learn better if don't make haste.

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand and practice the following:

The tongue blocking technique, which is a powerful harmonica playing mode that permits its learners to play with nuances, adding some particular articulations to their performance. Although this course is intended for those who want to learn the technique of tongue blocking, it can also be followed by those who want to use puckering. I still advise you to try the tongue blocking technique.

• You will get to know your instrument better and will not only learn how to handle it but how to breathe properly while playing it as well as correct embouchure too.

• You will learn how to play single notes with a good round tone, using tremolo and dynamics also to make it sound even more interesting. Afterward, you will be adept at utilizing all of the harmonica holes focusing on the high end were actually the instrument's note layout changes.

• You will study more than 50 technical exercises on the instrument to develop dexterity, covering single notes, chords, articulations, and solo harmonica playing too. Given the name 'Solo harmonica' because you play melodies and accompaniment together.

• You will be taught about playing harmonica positions, along with songs, in first, second third, and fourth positions.

• You will develop the ability to play chords and chugging, or play both chords and melody alternatively.

• You will comprehend the standard 12 bar blues and some of its variations; moreover other structures consisting of song chords progression too.

• Lastly, you will learn to play solo harmonica, accompanying yourself while executing melodies, and ultimately lead you to the next level: 'The Upper Beginner Level'.

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Beginner - Complete Diatonic Harmonica Course - Module 3 of 6

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