FREE Beginner diatonic harmonica course + TEST your skills


Test your harmonica skills and FREE beginner course.



This course targets all those who have never played harmonica or have a little experience. The harmonica lessons have been designed on the firm basis of my experience - spanning several years - both as a student and as a teacher.

I spent most of my life studying piano, musical theory, guitar, and harmonica; therefore, I know which content is useful for students and which one would be superfluous. I have created each lesson as if it were a live class - and it surely includes a thorough explanation - furthermore; you may also avail the possibility of practicing the blues harp with me, by taking advantage of a metronome indeed. This 'listen and repeat' approach has been widely practiced to teach languages, music, or other subjects for many decades, not to mention, it is recognized as a powerful learning tool still.

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand and practice the following:

• The tongue blocking technique, which is a powerful harmonica playing mode that permits its learners to play with nuances, adding some particular articulations to their performance. Although this course is intended for those who want to learn the technique of tongue blocking, it can also be followed by those who want to use puckering.

• You will get to know your instrument better and will not only learn how to handle it but how to breathe properly while playing it as well as correct embouchure too.

• You will learn how to play single notes with a good tone. • You will study some technical exercises on the instrument to develop the dexterity, covering single notes, chords, articulations, and solo harmonica playing too.

• You will learn a beautiful and simple song in two versions: single notes and chugging style.


Test your actual harmonica playing level with 15 exercises, and get a free consultation from the teacher.

When learning harmonica - particularly if we opt to polish our skills to play it without a teacher - we may find ourselves wondering what proportion of knowledge we possess in terms of understanding of our technical abilities we may have for this instrument.

We're confronted with more or less the same queries by our own conscience prior to paying for an online course or when we are off to get ourselves enrolled in a music school - although we need to calculate first before selecting any of the options - whether we fall in the category of beginner level students, intermediate or advanced level.

My job is to teach harmonica and help students to achieve their goals. That’s why I offer a FREE consultation and give you feedback.

With this course, you can test your harmonica playing skills and get feedback from me.

Send me a video with you playing whatever you like, or tell me how you do with the 15 exercises included in this course. and I’ll get back to you with my feedback and suggestions to lead you in progressing with the harmonica.

To have a better view of your actual playing skills, in the video play something you are comfortable with, don’t have to impress me trying to play difficult things, we want to know your actual skills to start from there. You can play a little song, licks, everything you like, and even better if you tell me something about you in the video, like how long have you been practicing and if you study alone, with a teacher, or anything else.

Let’s get in touch, I’m sure we can take your harmonica playing to the next level.

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Lesson transcriptions, tabs with notes and harmonica holes, Play-Along videos with on-screen tabs, Backing track videos, Audio clips.

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FREE Beginner diatonic harmonica course + TEST your skills

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