Harmonica School 72h Video Rental

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This product contains all the harmonicalearning.com harmonica school course videos.
You can rent it for 72 hours, and you have 7 days to start watching.

Get access to the Biggest harmonica learning Play-Along system.

  • 15 Complete Curriculums.

  • 500+ Videos with on screen tabs available.

Here is the curriculum list:

  • Beginner - Complete Diatonic Harmonica Course (6 months)

  • Beginner - Learn the harmonica with 12 songs

  • Upp Beginner To Intermediate - Chugging and Train imitation

  • Upp Beginner To Intermediate - Improvisation concepts

  • Upp Beginner To Intermediate - Blues and 2nd position

  • Upp Beginner To Intermediate - The 3rd minor position

  • Upp Beginner To Intermediate - The 5th minor position

  • Intermediate - Style Explorer

  • Intermediate - 55 licks to expand your horizons

  • Intermediate - The Bendyng Gym

  • Upper Intermediate - Technique developement

  • Intermediate - Little Walter My Babe solo study

  • Intermediate - Slim Harpo Baby Scratch My Back solo study

  • Intermediate to Advanced - 15 classic blues solos

  • Chromatic Harmonica - Beginner to Intermediate exercises and songs

Note: In this product you will find the full lenght videos with on screen tabs, while the downloadable PDF documents and audio files are not included in this product; you'll find them in each course sold apart. We have today more than 100 PDF documents and 500+ audio files to support the practice with these videos.

Note: If your do not immediately watch the videos, we will send you reminders that the rental is expiring seven days, three days, and 24 hours before it expires.
These emails will also include links to the rental product.
Once your start watching the rental, you won't receive any further emails from us and you'll have 72 hours to watch ALL video files part of this product.

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Access to all the harmonicalearning school course videos.


Harmonica School 72h Video Rental