FREE 10 Famous songs to play on harmonica


Suitable for BEGINNER to ADVANCED players.

In this collection, you'll find 10 famous and beautiful songs to play on harmonica.

For each of them, you'll find:

  • One video with on-screen tabs
  • One backing track video with on-screen tabs

Detailed instruction on how to read the tabs are provided.

Original melodies, variations and improvisation for the advanced players.

I have personally played all the songs listed and decided to perform them in a freer way, choosing for each how much to stick to the original melodies; in some cases, you’ll find variations of the main theme as well as some improvisation.

This material will provide to you some great ideas about how to play any song you like, whether it’s a harmonica song, or one that doesn’t involve harmonica but that you want to use to reproduce the vocals or any other instrument.

Some of these songs are easy, and beginner player can grab their harmonica and have fun playing them in a few minutes, the intermediate harmonica players can try my enhanced versions, and the improvisation they'll find with most of the tunes.

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Lifetime access to 10 video with on-screen tabs, and 10 backing track videos with on-screen tabs.

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FREE 10 Famous songs to play on harmonica

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